In 1977 Sepahan Company was founded with produce home appliance based on Oil burn in Tehran in 12000 square meter factory . After a few years we produce 3 flame and 5 flame gas stove completely in our factory.

Three decades ago, Iran doesn't have high technology to produce home appliances with the latest technology.So we got the exclusive agent of the best companies in Europe and after a few years we bring high-tech machinery and produce them in Iran.

2 decade later, Sepahan was bloomed with gas heater production (Sepahan Gas brand) with different heat capacities and designs, and at the same time we produce Water Cooler, gas stove. Our exporting efforts began in 1994 and after 2 years we export our products to many countries.

We produced and developed our product in the past years until we added Radiator Panel production in 2011 at the current location of the factory. We produce radiator panels as the sepahan radiator brand in Iran with highest quality.